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The Nautical Institute is a thriving membership organisation,  open to all those with a professional interest in the control of  sea-going ships and other maritime matters.  Network with colleagues at local Institute branch events and seminars.

Industry resources
Technical Library

The Nautical Institute aims to help maritime professionals promote and learn about best practice at sea. Part of this is achieved through our online Technical Library.

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The Nautical Institute is a major maritime publisher with over 200 titles to its credit. Many of these books have become industry standards and are acknowledged by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The hallmark of Institute publications is that they are ‘Practical Guides’ written ‘by practitioners for practitioners’.

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Mariners' Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS)

MARS is a free searchable database containing reports of accidents and near misses stretching back over a quarter of a century. Funded through the generous support of the Institute’s Nautical Affiliate partners, it is one of the maritime industry’s leading risk reduction initiatives and is helping to make life safer for seafarers everywhere.

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Welfare and Support

Whatever your rank, nationality, race or beliefs the following not-for-profit organisations can help you. Each offers a range of free support services to mariners all around the world, helping to tackle issues such as loneliness, sickness and imprisonment.

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